Happy New Year from Ms. Donna!

December 31, 2017

 "Skater's Waltz"                                                                                                                         Lily Q Photography



What a amazing end to an wonderful semester! I am so proud of all our dancers. Even with a few hitches here and there the performances went well. I and the staff of A Time to Dance are very pleased with the children and the dancing.


Some of them didn't dance, I know,  but I also know that they all knew all of the dances. If you can find a way to come watch the class without being detected, you'll see what I mean. Some of us just cannot get past the stage fright. When I first started dancing, I would freeze onstage. It took me years to be able to actually perform. So, there is a special place in my heart for the children who are afraid to dance. 


Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas recital season! Thank you for making this possible.


Spring Semester


Our spring semester begins next week for some schools (please check your school's page for more information). With new music, new routines and a few new students we will learn new dance steps, add to the old ones and develop more confidence in our abilities. We are all about encouraging the children to learn their lessons well so that they can feel confident as they perform them.


Putting together a recital is a big part of the spring semester. It all starts in January as we choose recital dates, music and costumes. It continues as we choreograph dances and teach them to the children. We'll take group pictures for the programs in March or April. We'll practice, practice and practice some more. Then, in May, you will see the fruit of all that the children have learned.


Costumes have to be purchased in January in order to have them shipped in time for the recital in May. As soon as I have details on how much the costumes will cost, I will let you know. 



Spring semester is not just about recital (in case you were concerned). We have a lot of learning activities planned which come in the guise of fun, like play-pretend, dancing like we're at the rodeo and more. 


Speaking of activities, I have a Nutcracker color page for you to print and give to your child. Again, if she colors it and brings it to one of her dance teachers, we will put a stamp on it. 


To whomever it applies, January tuition is due the first class of the month. Thank you!


Nutcracker color page


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