Welcome to A Time to Dance!

September 24, 2018


Welcome to A Time to Dance!


Having danced for three to four weeks now, we are off to a good start in dance class. With all the amazing personalities, we are enjoying getting to know your children and dancing with them. Perhaps you can get your daughter to show you some of the things we are learning: plie, releve, tendu, arabesque, dance positions and the ever favorite - "Dance with the Animals."


If you would like some tools to help you review dance terms with your daughter, here are some color pages. First Position, Plie, Tendu, and Bettina Ballerina.  To make it more fun, have your child bring her picture to her dance class teacher. She will put a stamp on it. In future blog posts, I will make more color pages available.


Now that we've been dancing for a few weeks, you might like to know who is working with your child. Please check out the About Us page and read about your dancer's teachers and helpers.


Tap Dancing


The first week in October we will begin tap dancing in all our classes. This is not an extra class. Tap dancing will be a part of the class your child is currently attending. So, your daughter will need tap shoes.


I have some recommendations...not requirements:


I found some tap shoes that I really like. Having VELCRO fasteners,  I like this kind for the little ones the best. They are easy to put on and take off AND they don't come untied in the middle of class! I've seen them at Target and on Amazon. The link will take you straight to Amazon so you can see what they look like. And, if you buy them through the link you can help me pay for the website!








I also like this style tap shoes for the older girls. I think they are more elegant than the ones with the ribbon tie AND, of course, they don't come untied in the middle of a dance! You can also click on this link and see them on Amazon.






If you don't have tap shoes the first week of October, because they are hard to find, don't worry. A lot of people are buying tap shoes this time of year! We can start working on tap skills without them. 


I have some recycled tap shoes that you are welcome to have. Please check with me to see if I have your size. Most of them are for the little ones though.


Please consider donating gently used tap and ballet shoes to my shoe recycling program. 


On a business note: A $5 late fee will be added to tuition that is past due after the 15th of the month. Tuition is due the first class of the month for those who are paying on a monthly basis. If, because of your circumstances, you need to pay on a different day of the month, please let us know. Thank you for your understanding.

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